DiamondFit Flow Yoga Diamond Cuts Bodysculpting

VInyasa yoga grounded in athletic training principles for strength and stamina with a focus on graceful transitions and sequences and musical inspiration.

Class begins with deep core work setting a strong foundation for a dynamic and  rejuvenating (sweaty!) practice.

The method to shape and tone every muscle to maximum radiance. The components of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning are focused upon in an innovative, mindful approach that delivers a strong, lean, competent body.
Renee's favorite sculpting tools include the Body Bar, Vipr  Dumbbells and a Good Attitude!


Yoga For Men

Best Abs Ever

Intrigued by yoga but devoted to your workout?  Discover the yoga and breathing techniques that the NY Giants, Yankees, Knicks and Rangers do to stay fit, reduce injury and play strong.  This class provides an intelligent approach to overall fitness, winning focus, and relaxed living.  Yoga for Men focuses on relief for critically  tight areas such as hamstrings and low back and intelligent use of strong areas: chest, shoulders, abs.

The ultimate core challenge performed with equipment or simply your own body weight, every 30 minute session delivers a fierce six pack of exercises as unique as your own.

 Pure Stretch Diamondfit Yoga Stretch

Eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance whether you are an athlete, yogi or just starting to exercise. These techniques help you develop joint mobility and muscle receptiveness.  Class completes with a meditation.  Emerge renewed and relaxed. 

Created for Athletes by an athlete to open chronicallly tight areas and ease aching muscles and joints. No chaturangas, no pretzel poses, no sanskrit. Yoga, evolved, to complement fitness and athletic performance.


Deep Extreme  Centergy

Down dog segues into mountain climbers. Think yoga with a spanking. Trance-like Euro house music encourages “deep releases” while shaking out your ponytail during dance-y lunges, jumps, and groovy lateral work.

Deep Extreme is perfect for yogis who want their cardio, Zumba people who want some yoga, and anyone looking for a cardio trance dance. 


Open and center your energy and feel amazing. This class is kind to the joints while offering tone, cinch and sweat. Centergy moves to the beat of cool music and sassy fun. Roll, swing, shake, bounce, balance, werrrk! and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Finishes with a big smile and sexy walk.


 Ground Control

This restorative format is a unique approach to down regulating via circular and rolling movement patterns designed to literally unwind our habitual movement patterns and unravel tensions in overused, underused and misused areas of the body. Flowing stretches and holds slowly peel away stiffness, soreness and lethargy.


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