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Cultivating Strength:

the way of the spiritual warrior

What makes us strong? What makes us weak?

Through an in depth application of asana, therapeutics and conditioning work, we will explore where strength lives in us and how to develop it to its fullest potential.

This exciting workshop will provide a dynamic approach to yoga designed as a conditioning system for the lifetime yogi. (Make sure to bring a towel and water. This is full strength Diamondfit!)

Rolling techniques develop spinal fluidity and mindful energetic flow from one muscle group to the next, like a tiger moving through the grass. Transitions and sequences are offered to provide an interesting way to think and play your poses.

Key foundational focuses, such as efficient warm ups for wrists, ankles and shoulders create game changing results.

Myofascial release techniques, through the use of Yoga Tune-Up therapy balls, provide immediate relief to stuck areas of the body.

The workshop completes with meditation in restorative asana. Leave feeling strong from the inside out and go tackle your dreams!




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