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LBD: a practice in chaturanga

women's empowerment workshop

A chaturanga is the Little Black Dress of yoga. You just slip into it like your favorite LBD.

It is straight and narrow

It is simple and precise like a perfect martini

It is compact as a Kate Spade bag


In this workshop we’ll take all the stress out of this pose. It's all about line and design and knowing where you are going. 


You have a good head on your shoulders but you shouldn’t have to carry the weight of the world on them! In this workshop we will learn how to care for our shoulders through regenerative therapies with Yoga Tune-Up balls and through key stretches. Healthy and functioning shoulders give us the sense of strength in our lives. Oh, there’s a little matter of core here. We’ll work on this too. Every chaturanga has a secret weapon. This is where it gets interesting. Do I smell something burning? I think its my aaaaaabs!

You are so smooth and capable, people will wonder how you do it. Don’t tell them! A woman should always have mystique.








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